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Our consultancy team assists High schools, businesses, organisations and universities with Mental Wellness and Education programs.  The primary focus is to improve the Mental Well-being of the students and staff in their learning and working environments.

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Corporate / Organisations

Nesian Point consultancy collaborates with corporate and community stakeholders to provide positive Mental Wellbeing outcomes strategies for staff and corporate teams.

Monthly training is also provided by one of our clinicians.  Please call the office for more information

High Schools

The Nesian Point Wellbeing program offers early intervention, low-intensity mental health services for High Schools with identified 'Nesian Students' around positive engagement in the classroom, cultural appreciation, and wellbeing, with the added benefit of receiving 'debrief sessions with one of our accredited Mental Health practitioners. Guest speakers include QUT and Massey universities.



Collaborations with university teams is key to providing a solid network of 'Nesian' graduates and future career pathways.  We currently work alongside some amazing colleagues from QUT and Griffith in Brisbane as well as our Ohana from Brigham Young University in Hawaii.

Our team also partners with Griffith University to host internships for their students studying in the fields of Counselling, Social Work and Psychology

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