Director / Psychotherapist / Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Also known as Tupua, (her Matai title) Suzanne Utai is a Psychotherapist and accredited Mental Health Social Worker providing therapy for individuals experiencing Mental Health issues. She has always had a passion for helping others and at the start of her career her goal was to create her own space to provide therapeutic services for sexual abuse survivors.

Suzanne currently works part-time in the Emergency department in Mental Health, she is also an Intermediary for the Department of Justice and Attorney General and is the Director of Nesian Point (formerly Grow Support Inc.)

Suzanne completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Brigham Young University Hawaii and her Master of Social Work degree at Flinders University in Adelaide. She also completed her

Suzanne uses an Integrative Therapeutic approach which encompasses the client's cultural values, personal/spiritual beliefs and characteristics. This form of therapy closely aligns with the Diverse Cultural Framework Suzanne uses at Nesian Point.

07 3472 5880